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From: Dennis Jones
Date: 2001-03-05 18:55:00 UTC
Subject: New member intro

Hello FHL members!

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Dennis, and my wife Leslie
and I have been owned by ferrets since Dec. 1997. We started with
two, which I call our "original recipe." One of the two is still
with us. We've had a total of 16 ferrets; 12 rule our house now
(along with one cat and one dog).

I am here to learn. I don't have the knowledge that many of you
have, so I'm afraid I'll be more of a taker than a giver here.
My "hands-on" health-related experience includes 11 ferrets with
adrenal (3 were repeats), 1 liver tumor, 5 insulinoma (currently have
3), 4 splenomegaly, 1 lymphoma, a couple blockages, cholangio and
portal hepatitis, ECE, and the usual battery of lesser significant
maladies. I have found that the more I learn, the more I realize how
little I know.

My wife and I own the largest MSN ferret community (similar to Yahoo
Groups) called the Ferret Realm. One of the things we hope to do is
utilize the knowledge we'll gain here to help members of our
community. If you find yourself with nothing to do one day, stop
by! :-) The URL is:

I want to thank Christopher for cooking up this list, and all the
others who contribute to it's tremendous value, which I guess is just
about everyone.

aka Papa Weasel