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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-05 19:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Vaccinations

. It seems to me that the gov't is just trying to get
the $ out of not for the good of our health either.


There has been talk in humans of the MMR (measles vaccine) causing Autism
in children, a recent study in Europe completely ruled this out. Every
so often it is surmised that there is a link between common diseases in
humans that are not yet explained and something else common to us,
whether the water, the additive in foods, or vaccines. I will say that
medicine is not perfect, and it is very had to have all the answers, or
if there will be answers for everything. Remember millions of animals
including people are vaccinated, there is absolutely no study showing a
conclusive link between the vaccine and later illness. Many of the
things added to the vaccines help stabilize it, especially when using
mutidose vials.

As in humans, there is more studies needed, and if there is a safer
alternative it should be sought out.

We are so quick to suspect a conspiracy, or cover up of some kind.
However, if you truely don't believe you need any vaccines, then don't
get them- and if you get polio, varicella encephalitis, Mumps orchitis,
Rubella in pregnancy, etc. Good luck! There is no medicine that will
help you. Ask someone who lived throught the polio epidemic here in the
U.S.- children were the ones primarily affected, and hundreds died while
doctors could do nothing- that has to be the worst feeling. The vaccine
was like a miracle, and eventually the oral vaccine had more risk of
polio then the natural disease, so now only the injectible one is used.
Unfortunately, some did get sick before the risk was identified, and
changes were made.

Also, if the ferret gets distemper there is no cure. I would take the
small chance of some kind of illness later on from the vaccine, then the
100% fatal response to the distemper. On the other hand, if the vaccine
was to ECE, and the risk of the vaccine was more than the risk of the
natural disease then I may have a different opinion.

That is just my choice.

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