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Date: 2001-03-05 14:42:00 UTC
Subject: Coccidiosis was Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 34

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<< Is coccidiosis prevelant in ferrets? I know it can be a concern in
young kittens and puppies and in immunocompromised adult cats and
dogs. It can be a nightmare in birds, but I wasn't aware that it was
common in ferts. Is it the same as the dog/cat scenario, kits with no
exposure picking it up from a mother who's shedding it or the
immunocompromised fert picking it up from a healthy cagemate who's
shedding it? Or does it hit strong, healthy adults? >>

In my practice, I rarely see coccidia in ferrets - my feeling is that it will
be more a problem in kits that come from breeders whose health standards
aren't really up to par than in other ferrets. It certainly is out there,
and I do see it occasionally, but Giardia is much more common in the ferrets
that I see. That and clostridial enteritis.

Sorry about taking so long to answer this - I was on vacation! <g>

And hi, Karen!

Dr. Ruth
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