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Date: 2001-02-21 14:14:00 UTC
Subject: Hello!

My name is Tara and we have 5 ferrets.(PS...Thanks Christopher,nice to
be here)
Bruiser (3 years old),my "climber" fell hard,out of our closet<about 10
feet> the next day,a small marble sized "lump" appeared on his cheek.
It's in front of the ear,level with his mouth,in between,actually.On Dr
Williams' advice,we had the Vet aspirate it.He found no "unnatural cells
or blood"..
We have been watching it,it went down but now is getting bigger! It is
as hard as bone and there is NO pain.We are having it removed next
Thursday (soonest appt.) and sent over/night mail to Dr Williams (he
wants it...haha)
OK,my question....anyone here,experienced something of this sort?
When under anesthesia for the asperation,the Vet checked his teeth and
mouth,and said that all looked great.So??
Ear canal,maybe?? My Vet,who was a Zoo Vet for a zillion years has not
run into this before.(He sees ALOT of exotics and alot of ferrets) We
were hoping it was just a "bump on the noggin" but not now!!
Thank you for any info,anyone has!!!
Love & Hugs To All !!!
Tara Radford
(co/founder Frolicking Ferrets Club,listed under Pets,on Yahoo)
<little commercial,sorry! Great Club,tho! >