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From: Kim Stephens
Date: 2001-03-05 20:53:00 UTC
Subject: Fur tulsa Information On Tigger!!!

Update on TIgger

Tigger went to the Vet... This morning I picked him up and he was EXTREMLY dehydrated... and just didn't act like tigger..... so made a app... and off we went....
they gave him IV fluids and a b-complext shot.. and started him on antbiotics
and some type of Liver pill... that is a type of dog pill..... and he gets a 1/4th of a pill...... they said it not better call him tomarrow.. and we will do a liver panel...
so we will see if we caught it in time.... and how much damage has been done...
Since we have left the vet at 4 He has strted to drink LOTS of water and he has gone Pee.... Vet said he had mucusy poop and it was yellow in color...
But we aren't out of the woods.. This is very Dangerous to a ferret...

so out there Pray for him....
thanks KIM

> Hey Kimmie... what you are describing now is different than when I talked to you earlier.
> Remember when I asked if he had been doing anything strange like pawing or different with his mouth?
> The licking and now not wanting to eat or drink regular is a signifigant change from when we talked. It also now tells me what might be wrong.
> Yes you will need to make that vet appointment.... and gimme either a call or email me privately so I can tell you what those symptoms mean ok?
> Susan

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