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From: Tilda Flood
Date: 2001-10-10 01:56:00 UTC
Subject: wheezy ferret

Hi ppl,
My little Vishnu is making raspy noises when he breaths, more
so when he is asleep but it is also there when he is awake.
He is a 5 month old albino/blaze! mix, (very attractive) and
quite big, (although this may be because we have never had a
male ferret before, the lucky boy has five sisters!) We know
that he is stone deaf through tests we have done on him and
although his breathing doesn't seem to worry HIM it really
worries me, sometimes he sounds as if he's having an asthma
attack, (this is normally the sleep breathing). An
appointment has been made to see the vet but living in England
is difficult because there are very few really knowledgable
ferret vets, this is the main reason for asking an opinion
from you all, I would like to be able to give the vet some
suggestions if he is lost as to what's wrong. Thank you all
for your help in advance, my little prince will appreciate it
no end,(untill the vet visit LOL)!
Thanks again
Still dooking Jade,Jakar,Vishnu,Water-ru,Misty and Mischeif