Message Number: YG7902 | New FHL Archives Search
From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-10-11 11:24:00 UTC
Subject: Here is something to help many and maybe reduce the flood

Both here and on the FML I have recently noticed a LOT of folks
asking questions that have been asked and answered MANY time before,
some very recently (as in within a day, even by a vet, in some
cases). To make life easier I have included some websites that can
be useful. They can help us all understand symptoms and treatments,
help learn how to give medications, help know how to feed sick
critters, etc.

Perhaps there is enough of an influx of people who are new everywhere
that these resources have gone forgotten.

Perhaps people are stressed enough that they are not making private
those responses that would better serve as private ones than lust
ones. I don't know.

All that I know is that it has led to comment by half the moderators so far.

Folks, if you want to say a little something that most folks know,
then it's best done privately. If you want to say "me, too" that is
very much a private letter. Certainly, sympathy notes are private.

I personally think that perhaps everyone, including us, is under
stress to some degree and wanting to reach out and touch others more,
but we have to be careful to not flood the list with things are not
really appropriate, partly because those which especially need
attention (and can't be answered well enough by searches) might be
lost in the flood. I suspect I've done my share of that, too,
recently, so mea culpa for my share and let's all try a little
better. Okay?

Oh, and do remember that the list doesn't replace the care of a
knowledgeable, hands-on vet who is familiar with the individual.