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From: Erika Matulich
Date: 2001-03-06 07:03:00 UTC
Subject: ECE - Contagious for a LONG time

Sorry I'm late on this - just catching up on posts. Someone wanted to
know how long the "quarantine" period was for ECE, asking whether six
months or a year was advisable. In my personal experience, ECE continues
to "shed" for much longer than that. My ferrets had a terrible bout with
ECE in spring, 1997. I introduced a new ferret to the group in December,
2000, and within 72 hours he was down with a roaring case of the
greenies. So there was almost a 4-year span! As far as I am concerned,
my ferrets are "permanent" ECE carriers. So I cannot adopt or foster any
older or ill ferrets, due to the ECE risks involved (Sigh).

- Erika Matulich and the Terrific Ten