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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-03-06 08:21:00 UTC
Subject: 2 reddish spots and kidney failure, help?


I have a question for anyone who might be able to help. One of my
old farts named Mondo (actually a foster boy) has two reddish spots
on his back. They are each between the size of a dime and a nickel.
They look similar to a bruise but I don't know how that would have
happened. My gut tells me they are not bruises but maybe something
else instead. I felt them to see if the area was raised or anything
and it doesn't appear to be raised at all. I wanted to get a picture
of it before I posted but I'm just so eager to know what it is that I
couldn't wait any longer. (I just saw them last night.) Perhaps I
can post a pic tonight. Does any one know what this could be?

A little background on him... he's turning 8 years old on April 1st.
I started fostering him last August. He had a bilateral
adrenalectomy on Dec. 29th as well as the lower lobe of his liver
removed. He has cysts all over his kidneys and on his liver. At the
time, my vet gave him 4 to 8 months until he goes into kidney
failure. How do I know when he starts to go into kidney failure? Is
it painful for him? What can I do for supportive care without
prolonging his agony? When it starts to happen, should I help him
cross the bridge instead? I just don't want him to hurt and I've
never dealt with kidney failure. (Same as renal failure?) It kills
me to know that there's no surgery or medicine I can give him to get
rid of the cysts or cure his disease. That's the worst part about
all of this... I feel helpless.

Right now, he is very happy and full of life. I'm treasuring every
moment I have with him. He's eating and drinking well too. I just
want to be as informed as possible.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time everyone...


PS. Dr. Williams, this is the same little guy I talked to you about
at Toronto with the polycystic kidneys.