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Date: 2001-03-06 03:13:00 UTC
Subject: antibiotics/wheezing

Hello Everyone!

I thank all of you for your help before!

I wanted to know how common it is for a ferret to vomit. I remember
it was something rather difficult for them. The other night I gave
his Cefa drops (he had been sleeping) and about 10 minutes later he
vomiting. This lasted about 5 minutes. It was a cream colored
stuff, and he vomited about 5 or 6 times. After I calmed him down he
fine. It is a very scary thing to see. I stayed up with him for the
hour, and he fell to sleep and was quiet the rest of the night. I
didn't know
if the drops upset him tummy because they were cold, and he was
sleeping; or
possibly he had an empty stomach. He has been on the drops for 21
days and
this has never happened atleast right after I have given them to

His wheezing had disappeared last week, one night he was doing it
the next
morning he sounded great. But after him vomiting, the next morning
wheezing was back as well as the cough. I have not given him the
Cefa drops
since, but he only had 2 more days on them. So it seems that I am
back to
square one. Back to the vet. I was thinking of leaving him at the
vets for
the day so they could observe him. He never seems to wheeze or cough
they see him! This is my first ferret and I feel like the idiot Mom
who does
all the wrong things.

Any ideas as to what test would be beneficial to try?

Thank you all for enduring me!

Squeak & Raider