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From: Bill Myers
Date: 2001-10-21 10:41:00 UTC
Subject: Goodbye List, and Thanks

I've been with this list almost since it's beginning and this is my first
post to the list. I'm one of the lurkers.

I want to thank Chris, Sukie, and Dr. Williams for their starting it. It
has provided me with more information than I could find anywhere else. And
this is THE list for ferret information, it doesn't have any of the egos,
attitudes, bickering, and squabbling like some of the other lists.

When this list started, I had 2 ferrets, a male and a female. They were MF
ferrets born in August 1998, and were brother and sister. A couple of
months ago, we helped the female, Bonnie, to the bridge. This morning her
brother, Clyde, died as we were taking him to the vet to help him pass over.

Bonnie went downhill really fast, but I still had time to talk to her about
the bridge before her passing, and I held her as she slipped away from me.

Clyde has been having good and bad times for a couple of months, and
started downhill slowly yesterday afternoon, and was really bad this
morning. I sat with him and explained about the bridge, and told him it
was okay to go, Bonnie would be waiting for him. While on the way to the
vets, he died on my wife's lap, being loved on by his humans.

I will see them again, we had too much fun together for it to end, and I
have some wonderful memories to keep and to share.

We won't be getting and more ferrets in the near future, you see these two
were "dumped" on us by my step son. He took them off the hands of a friend
that didn't have time to spend with them, and then had no time for them
himself. So we "inherited" them, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Thank you list, for all your information. You helped us keep up with what
is going on in the world of ferret health, and helped my little buddies
live better.

Good Luck to all, and make sure you love the little fuzzbutts all you can,
they never stay with us long enough.