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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-03-06 12:08:00 UTC
Subject: red spots, black spots, and still need info on kidney

> Hey Erin
> I see these spots all the time on older, adrenal ferrets. My vet
would call them 'hot spots' and the only time that I have ever seen
them is on a ferret with adrenal problems. My treatment of them is to
put a topical cream (silvadene) on them until they go away.

Thanks for your input Lisa! I went home on lunch and checked him.
Both red spots have faded considerably. Do your's come and go that
fast? How about you vets out there? Do you know anything about
these spots? Should I be treating them with silvadene? When I saw
them last night, I applied a little vaseline. Figured if he licked
it off, wouldn't hurt him anyway.

I did take pics at lunch but they really don't show much. Mondo also
has a few very small black spots almost like moles. Are these mast
cell tumors? (read on ferretcentral about skin tumors) They are
very tiny and black... about the size of a pin head, maybe *slightly*
bigger. Should I be worried? They don't seem to bother him when I
press on them or rub them gently.

I still hope that someone will talk about the stages of kidney
failure and if it's painful. What do I look for? What can I do for
supportive care? What happens at the end?

Thanks again for any input you can provide! I just wanna be the best
mom possible.