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Date: 2001-02-22 00:51:48 UTC
Subject: Wiley

PLEASE e/mail this girl at imajag@w...
Blockage,my thoughts too BUT,it's been a coupla days! Can she wait????

From: kctom@w... (Katie DUH?)
From: IMAJAG@w... (Julie A. Green)

Hi Girls,
I'm so worried about my Wiley. This past week has been so stressful.
Not even considering the sadness I've had with Dale Earnhardt's death,
I've had both my new kitties declawed and neutered. I wasn't really
worried about that, but I stress out about them having to stay all night
and being away from home overnight. While that was going on, I noticed
a runny ferret stool. I determined that it was Wiley and kept a watch.
He didn't have anymore watery ones, but they stayed very soft, light
colored and stinky and mucousy. I started giving him the Albon liquid
that I had left from his last similar intestinal problem.
About mid-week, I found one with several hard, dark chunks in it -
figured he had finally passed the problem. Just to e safe, I took him
to the vet Sat., but by then he was eating pretty good and I found a
pretty normal stool. the vet said he didn't feel like he was
constipated. So I felt better, but then within a day or so, I noticed
him eating less again and less poop volume and now i haven't seen any
evidence today. I have seen him pee, but not poop. Tonight i couldn't
even get him to eat a sugar-pop, but this morning, I did get him to eat
a cheerio or two. He won't take his ferretvite or ferretone - when he
smells them - he backs away and makes a licking or swallowing sound. He
still comes out and asks to go outside and have his garage time, but
doesn't stay up long and does the flat-ferrret thing. I did get him to
drink a tiny bit of milk yesterday and that did produce a poop -
still soft, mucousy, ittle stinky and grainy.
But I don't see any poops today on the poopy pads and I can usually tell
his from Baubles. I have an appt. for tomorrow at 11:20, but there are
no really good ferret vets around here. What should I ask him
to do first - an ultrasound to test for a blockage ??
I have made the heart-wrenching decision that when Wiley starts having
serious problems, I will not go to extreme measures of force-feeding,
needles and such to keep him alive. He is probably 7
or 8 yrs old, has never really been sick a day in his wonderful life,
and I will not let his final days be full of pain and uncomfortable
procedures. I still feel terrible about the last months of KK's life-
I cann't do it again. He has to go in peace.
If he were younger, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I just can't put
him thru it, when I feel it would mainlly be for my
benefit to keep him with me.
I know I've rambled on, but I am just so emotional right now.