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From: Avery
Date: 2001-03-06 13:54:00 UTC
Subject: Vaccines

Thank you to everyone for your responses I appreciate hearing from both
sides. I think either way it is a risk. I think vaccinations are a risk
with all of the additives in them they are definitely something to
fear.I think not being vaccinated may be a risk because our systems may
not be able to handle the virus? I think instead of believing what the
gov't tells us or what our Dr's think it's important for each and
everyone of us to find out exactly what it is that is being put into our
animals bodies.
For example look at the meat that we are eating, that we feed to our
animals. How many steroids/hormones are in that? What is it doing to
My cat has already had a lump removed and she is only two?
Do you think then Dr Williams that maybe vaccinations are given to
much? From my understanding vaccinations stay in an animals body for
several years!I wonder if we slowed down on vaccinatins if the cancers
and sicknesses would slow down also?