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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-06 15:24:00 UTC
Subject: 2 reddish spots and kidney failure, help?

<One of my old farts named Mondo (actually a
foster boy) has two reddish spots
on his back. They are each between the size of a
dime and a nickel. They look
similar to a bruise but I don't know how that
would have happened. <

Champ has something similiar on his face. It
looks like an abrasion. Doc shaved it a little a
couple of weeks ago and thought it was an
abrasion. But, it's still there. He said he
can't think of a single thing that looks like that
which should concern us, so I guess I won't worry
about it. That is, unless someone comes up with a
reason for me to worry <g>.

Champ is also in renal failure. His symptoms were
lethargy, drinking huge amounts of water, and
excessive urination. He is doing pretty well. I
give him 30ml of sub-q fluids daily and have put
him on a low protein diet (Hill's K/D). He isn't
interested in eating unless it's soup and unless
he's in my lap. This weekend, I noticed him
licking his lips and flat-ferreting so I called
Doc on Monday, thinking he might have a tummy
problem. He is now on amoxi and metranidazole
(flagyl) (spit, spit) for 10 days and cimetidene
forever. I hope this will fix his tummy and he'll
want to eat on his own.