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From: tansy
Date: 2001-03-06 15:22:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Dyne vs Stat

<Meg wrote:>
> STAT is excellent to use for victims of ECE or other severe
> digestive upsets
> or for ferrets otherwise ill and in need of building up. I consider it
> liquid gold and so does my vet. It is a thick fluid that is highly
> nutritious and easily digestible. It can be added to other things or fed
> straight with syringe. Once ferrets get the taste, they usually
> like it very
> well. I even add it to my "nutrtion drink" for lactating jills.
> Helps to
> keep the weight on mama which in turn benefits the kits.
> STAT can usually be obtained from your vet or from Revival Animal
> Health at
> 800-786-4751. On line, it is either or
> Sorry, I have it noted both ways.

As an FYI, I use Dyne vs Stat in the same way, and also swear by the stuff.
At my request, the very kind folks at Revival compared the ingredients in
vs. Dyne and told me they were identical. Dyne is considerably less
This may be another of those Nutri-Cal vs Nutri-Stat deals, though price
even greater in this case. Oh, and Rival's url is: