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Date: 2001-03-06 10:52:00 UTC
Subject: Seedy poops

All, but one of my four ferrets have had ECE. It was about three
years ago.
They have had seedy poops every since. They vary in seediness as
well as
color. We have tried a dozen different kibbles for various reasons,
but it
is always the same. Ellie, who has never had ECE has perfectly
smooth poops.
Is this because the ECE has done permanent damage? Our eldest
ferret Phoebe
who is 5yrs has had ongoing, but sporadic bouts of yellow, clear,
white etc. mucousy poop. She has had it for years and our vets
don't know
why. It will linger for months than disappear for months. She may
have a
bad poop and hour later have a normal one???? My ferrets all seem to
have a
mystery ailment or at least it's a mystery to me and our three
vets. She has also had a bilateral adrenalectomy and receives DOCP.
condition existed prior to the surgeries, but not as bad. She seems
except when it goes on for a few days. We feed her her food soaked
in water
and I have also tried acidopholus(sp?). I couldn't tell ya if it
helped, but
she loved it!
Thanks to all who answered my question about Sid's PP! I am
relieved it is
normal and learned something new. This list is so informative. I
love it!