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From: ferret
Date: 2001-03-06 17:52:00 UTC
Subject: Colloidal silver

I've used colloidal silver a number of times (at the recommendation of my
vet) on my ferrets, and a number of times (with the blessing of my doctor)
on myself. It has worked WELL, and it saved the life of my Paddington
ferret (as my vet. was the first one to admit!)

There is a ton of documented research from reliable sources (NASA, the
Medical School at Syracuse University, other medical schools, Science
Magazine, etc.) on the efficacy of colloidal silver. I've posted a lot of
it to the FML in the past. It's available for anyone to read in the

So, "Adam" .. which school is ONU?

- Ela

(000)___(000) Ela Heyn
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