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Date: 2001-02-21 18:29:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Chordoma

Hi Charleen,

Thanks I think I am going to wait until we can comfortably deal with
whatever treatment ( removing it ) is suggested. In the meantime I
will be quizzing my vet to see if he has treated this before. He is
ferret knowledgable but we don't have many ferrets around here due to
alot of silly bylaws! Good to hear others stories though. It makes
me feel surer about my decision to wait. Everything I had read
indiacted that tip of the tail chordomas were non malignant etc but
reasurrance you know...:)

Thanks again,

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> Meghan,
> Yes, you can wait. Its no rush. Everything I have heard and read
says that
> these tumor don't usually turn into cancer. My Snuggles had one on
his tail
> and I had it removed. The Biopsy showed that it wasn't cancerous.
> According to all the information I have read thou, its a good
ideal to have
> them taken off.

> Charleen