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Date: 2001-03-06 22:00:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Ensure vs. other products

In a message dated 03/07/2001 12:41:46 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

And Ensure type products were designed with
humans in mind, not obligate carnivores

Hi Debi - Yes, you are right. Ferrets are obligate carnivores and I
feed my
kits with chicken & hamburger in addition to their mush starting
at 5 weeks
and, not gross anyone here, but they get their first mouse at 6-7
weeks. It
is quite something when they get a mouse. They know what they are
to eat!

However, I also use and recommend Ensure Plus. My shotgun recipe
(using a
paper cup), is half Ensure Plus, half Pedialyte, tablesppon or so of
STAT and
a very long sqeeze of Nutri-Call which turns the mixture a slightly
color. All my ferrets love this drink and spend a lot of time
trying to get
to it. Am using it now for lactating mama and her babies are
crowding her out
of the way to get it too.

This is just a suggestion. Many have different feeding preferences
for sick
ferrets.and aside from Duck Soup, a chicken gravy or soup can be
used for
recovering ferrets. Anyway, sounds like you have a good handle on
caring for
the sick ferrets.

Tansy - my thanks for posting the correct url for Revival Animal
Health. Duh.
I have never tried Dyne but plan to order a bottle with next order
and see
how the critters like it. Cheers, Meg Chaotic Ferrets