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Date: 2001-11-06 13:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: congestive heart failure

Thanks to those of you that have responded to my plea. I so
appreciate the time you take to help those of us with sick babies.

I am in an enormous turmoil at the moment. Am starring in the lead
role in Gypsy and the show goes on Friday night. The stress and load
of the show and now the stress and load of worrying and doing for
Zak are putting me under. I need some clear headed time to read what
you all have suggested.

Unfortunately, as of today, he's now refusing to eat. He acts
hungry; sticks his head in the bowl to eat the soup; eats a bit and
then quits and is grinding his teeth much more than he ever has. He
does not have black poops btw. My friend, and ferret tech, tells me
that the digoxin can cause upset tummies, so for now we're
withdrawing it and seeing if that makes a difference. Am going to
add carafete tonight a half hour prior to giving him his meds. I
guess I'm going to have to syringe the lasix if he won't eat the
soup. I'm well aware, btw, of potassium loss as I suffered that
condition myself a few years ago and wound up in the cardiac unit. I
had his blood checked and that part of it's fine.

The little man is still interested when I say soup to him; he still
gets up and walks around a bit during the day and can still get to
the poop box. His eyes are bright. I'm praying that the upset tummy
is the problem here as I am not ready to let him go tho' trust me, I
will never allow him to suffer even if it's a trip to the vet at

Am going to mention the higher levels of lasix to doc. Actually I'm
going to copy your e-mails and send them off for their perusal and
thoughts. At this point, what the heck. I'm ready to try most

Again so many thanks. Damn it makes me feel like a failure sometimes
despite knowing that I really do give him excellent care (or so I'm

Barb and the 7 whirling dervishes...Gus, Zak, Hope, Bren, Kate, Tess
and Cher

Please give to Aleutian Disease research...the ferret you save may
be your own.