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From: Dawn M Pedchenko
Date: 2001-03-07 06:58:00 UTC
Subject: Looking for Good Ferret Vet in RI Area


I'm really glad this list was formed. It is very informative and

I am wondering if anyone on the list knows of a really good ferret vet in
the RI or Southeastern Mass area.

I am currently seeing a vet who has some knowledge of ferrets as she used

to own them- how much I am not sure. I just am not super comfortable
her ferretside manner. Had 2 situations with one of my former ferrets
Loki. No benedryl prior to
vaccinations/ didn't have me wait to see if any reactions - so I had a
ferret throwing up on
way home in the pet carrier (very scary as I was much less ferret
knowledgable at time -
I'm still learning.) I also wasn't super thrilled with her "wait 'n see"
manner when Loki had
the run in with the dogs. I brought her in as an emergency at 8am and
she didn't get xrays
done until later that morning (10-11 am). I ended up losing Loki but
don't think there was too
much she could have done since there was lung damage, though I still
wonder "what if".

I emailed the AFA to find out who within Rhode Island is a member - 1 to
find out if current vet was a
member and 2. If not a member to find someone in the area who was so I
would have a starting
point to search out a new vet I am comfortable with. Figured if they
were a member - they were interested in
the little guys and trying to keep up-to-date on happenings. Got email
back and no luck - Not ONE VET within
the State of RI is a current member of the AFA. There was one - but they
let their membership go a couple
years back.

Most vets in the State seem to just take cats/dogs. A couple advertise
that they accept "exotics". But you can only go
in on certain days as the "exotic" specialist is only in a few days per
week. Not really helpful if you have an emergency.
The 24 hour emergency animal hospital does not take in ferrets. There is
one other emergency vet who does take
ferrets but have no idea of their "expertise".

Everyone looks/acts healthy right now - but you can never tell when
something will happen.
I have one girl who is on the older side (around 4-5) and the rest are
around 2. I really want to find a good
ferret knowledgable vet before I need them.

Does anyone know of a good vet in this area?

Thanks for your help.

Dawn & Prov9
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