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From: Jaclyn
Date: 2001-03-07 07:21:00 UTC
Subject: Kif - Possible Leukemia - Exp. Treatment??

Hello everyone.

I flew Kif up to a great vet yesterday.

The vet said his WBC was over 80,000 and that it was nearly 90%
lymphocytes. She said this would be most likely a lympho-(?)
leukemia. She kept him to do a bone marrow biopsy today. She said
it was about 85% likely to e the leukemia but that since his white
blood cells rocketed so quickly since the last blood work, there was
a possibility of a raging bacterial infection.

The right side of his heart was slightly enlarged and she heard very
little in the way of "normal breathing sounds" from him. He seemed
to have a little fluid in his chest as well, but nothing showed up
the x-rays.

She mentioned a new treatment for this, something still
experimental. It was called L-476 or something like that. Are any
of you familiar with this?

She said that chemo extends their life expecatancy about 6 months.
What would the range be with no chemo? Or with the exp. treatment?

I'm so scared for my little boy. He's only 4 and half. This whole
thing just erupted out of nowhere. Please think good thoughts that
it may be just an infection!!!

Thank you all!