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Date: 2001-03-07 07:41:00 UTC
Subject: Crooked Tail from a Fall

Last night, while working on the computer. My ferret decided to
visit with me on top of the computer.
He accidentally fell off the computer desk and I believe he fell on
his butt/tail on to a rug floor. He did make a one dooking noise and
ran off down the hallway and under the bedroom dresser. I noticed
his stride was off and his tail was to one side. (look like he was
out of alignment). Just great….husband throws his back out day
before now the ferret. Here is what I saw…..while under the dresser
he kept going around circles – looking at his tail. I pulled him
out from under the dresser…….pick him up. He wanted down……which is
not normal for him. (when he is pick up-he is very calm while
holding him.) I proceed to check out his hind end, tail. No
bumps……. looks like his tail is out of alignment…..I massage his hind
end and tail for a few minutes….I placed him down on the ground to
watch is stride and position of tail. After a few stride down the
hallway, he seem fine……he was running around, playing. He is no
longer allowed on the computer desk.

My question is: Am I doing more harm than good? Has anyone seen
this before. I hope this
does not happen again…….if so what can I do? Thanks!