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From: Caitlyn M. Martin
Date: 2001-11-08 16:49:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Sick Ferret


The usual "I am not a vet" disclaimer applies, but I've been through this

This sounds like it could be an intestinal blockage. I would get Popeye to the
vet ASAP. The vet will probably do a radiograph (X-ray) to see if it's a

I'm sure some on here with more expertise than I have will have other ideas,
but whatever it is, I think a vet visit is urgently needed.


> I'm hoping someone can help me... Popeye is about 4 yrs old and has
> been losing weight...The poor little guy since yesterday has been
> hopping in and out of the litter box like he has to go but can't. I
> started him on pedialite and strained chicken baby food to get
> nutrition into him since he is not eating his food or drinking from
> the bottle...he's not throwing up and seems to have enough energy to
> climb up and down the cage...unfortunately, it's just to get in the
> litter box and be broken hearted. Any ideas? Please help.