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From: Kristine
Date: 2001-02-21 21:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Chordoma

Looks like a chordoma to me. It's probably safe to wait a
month...but, if it starts to grow rapidly before you plan to take her
in, you will really want to go in early.

And as Christopher can be running risk on waiting. If you
can afford to, you might go in and get your vets opinion on waiting a
month before having it removed, to play it on the safe side.

I have a kiddo here who has one now also. We just had 4 adrenal
surgeries, a couple spays, a neuter and a spleen removal in the last
month so totally understand what broke feels like. I did bring him in
though to the vet for a looksy and asked if I could wait a 2 weeks to
a month on it. And yes, we are waiting. But if that bugger starts to
grow at any point we will be in earlier.

Take care,

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