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From: Steve and Diane
Date: 2001-03-07 12:56:00 UTC
Subject: Laxitive question

Hi everyone this is my first posting here and I have to say I
am very happy that this list was born. When you come here it
is like meditating so peaceful, but yet informative just the
kind of place we need :)-
Now to my question.......................I am a bit behind in
reading the list, but I have noticed a couple of post
regarding the use and/or excessive use of hairball treatment
(laxitive). I was just wondering if ferrets can become
dependent on the use of hairball treatments meaning can their
digestive tract become dependent on the use of hairball
treatments (laxitive) making it difficult for them to poop
without the use of the hairball treatment. I'm not really
knowledgeable when it comes to ferret digestive systems, but I
am very familiar with human digestive systems and I know that
over time if we use to many laxitives our colon will become
dependent on the laxitive to function normally. So I was
wondering if ferrets could have the same problem with over use
of hairball treatment??

Thanks again to everyone here who takes the time out of their
busy days to provide us with knowledge and medical assistance
thus keeping us from running off to the vet every time our
babies hiccup................LOL!! Also to be there when we
need that extra push to take our babies to the vets possibly
on a run.

DianeK,wiggles,cocoa,cleo and daddy too!!!!