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From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-03-07 13:49:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Two questions: chicken gravy and local vet

gmart91607@a... wrote:
> First, can any of you recommend a blender/food processor/grinder I can
> use to make the chicken gravy? I have already killed a regular blender!

I use a Villaware electric grinder with a 320W motor. I would have to
call this "barely acceptable". It will take the bones OK if you bust
them up some with a cleaver first, but you'll have to stop after every
couple of handfulls, remove the plate, and clean out some gunk that
won't go through. I always end up with about a cupful of this stuff.
(But, I've gotten about the same amount of gunk when running a chicken
through a floor-standing commercial grinder. The only difference is
that the commercial grinder *won't* clog. B-)

Unfortunately, you'll have to look hard to find one of these, because
they've been taken over by another company (Maverick) that replaced the
320W motor with a 220W motor and dropped the price from $140 to $100.
There are a *bunch* of $100 grinders out there (Oster, Krups, Moulinex,
etc) with motors from 150-250W, and these just won't do the job. But
there are still a few places that have the Villaware model in stock.

Your best bet right now is to go to, check
the box that says "by keyword", and search for "electric meat grinder".
They have a model very much like the Villaware, but with a 1000W motor,
and they only want $99.99 for it. (This grinder sells elsewhere for
$180-$200.) This should be more than adequate, unless you've got the
money for one of the industrial-strength tabletop grinders that cost

If you're not dead set on grinding your own, though, you might be able
to find a friendly butcher shop to help you out. Some of them are
quite willing to run chicken-with-bones through their big grinder if
you ask them to do it at the end of the day, just before they start
cleaning it.

Hope this helps!


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