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From: MARY
Date: 2001-03-04 14:43:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] mucus poop is now completely liquid & green
liquid & green

Hi Alexis;

You say that you have only had the ferret for a short time. He has developed
the greenies a few days ago? I will most likely get poo-pooed for this but
here goes anyway. I believe your baby is suffering from stress induced
colitis. It is often seen here at the shelter. After multitudes of tests the
outcome is always the same. Nothing found. The only thing you can do is give
supportive care. Feed that baby-make him eat. You can give the meds used for
ulcers since they most likely occur when the ferret does not eat. If you are
able to, put him in a carry sack and carry him with you showing him all the
love that you possibly can. Let him know that he is safe and at home. Did
you get him from a shelter or a personal give up? Good Luck!

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>mucus poop is now completely liquid & green, as well as teeth grinding, and
>he has stopped eating as of this morning. we softened his food and he
>won't take it, but he did take some nutrical. we are also giving him .5 cc
>X2 day of pepto.
>this ferret just came here a little over a week ago.