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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-07 14:48:00 UTC
Subject: Renal Failure

Champ is going downhill again. I need advice!

Champ had adrenal surgery the end of January. The
right was removed for the second time. He really
didn't have the classic symptoms this time. He
was very lethargic and kept his face in the food
bowl. There was enough there for my vet to figure
out that it was most likely adrenal. His right
adrenal gland had grown significantly larger than
the first time, just 6 months prior.

He came down with a urinary tract infection just a
few days after the surgery. He kept going to the
litter pan but nothing much was coming out, either
none or just a dribble. But it seemed to clear up
quickly with antibiotics. He still didn't seem
to be recovering from the surgery and was finally
diagnosed with renal failure through bloodwork, a
urinalysis, and an ultrasound (just to rule out
anything else). He spent 3 days/2 nights in the
hospital getting fluids.

I brought him home and began giving him 30ml/day
of Lactated Ringers and put him on a low protein
diet. He wouldn't/won't eat unless it is soup and
he is in my lap. Then, about 1 1/2 weeks ago, he
seemed to have regained his energy, was alert,
interested, and even played a little. I was so
excited! He still wasn't eating unless he sat in
my lap but I thought we might have turned the
corner. I cut back on the soup hoping to force
him to eat kibble and he promptly lost about 30g
(+/- 1 oz.) so I increased his soup. This past
weekend he began licking his lips and flat
ferreting so I decided his tummy was probably
bothering him. On Monday, we started him on
amoxi, flagyl, and cimetidine (heliobactor). He
is now slipping downhill again and is very
pitiful. It's like the meds are making him
worse. He still only wants soup.

I can't see the point of taking him back to the
vet because I don't know what else they can do.
When he was first diagnosed with renal failure, I
had my vet consult with Dr. Kemmerer and she said
we were doing everything possible and had run all
the right tests.

He's been OK with the flagyl. I put 3-4 drops in
his soup and give him the rest when his soup is
just about finished. I then let him lick the rest
of the soup off my hand. Other than an initial
reaction to it (spit), he calms down immediately.

I'm at a loss and need some advice. Though he
won't lie in my arms for long, he's a pitiful
sight to see when he does. I walk around the
house and find him flattened out somewhere just
watching the world go by. He seems to have no
interest in anything.