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From: Jen & Andre
Date: 2001-11-16 22:05:00 UTC
Subject: Newton's lab results, stumped

Newton finally had her tests done and they didn't really
pinpoint anything. As it stands, she's getting very thin
(dropped from 680-670 g in three weeks), she's quite wobbley
and her spleen is big. Thoughts have ranged from insulinoma,
cardiomyopathy to lymphoma. This is what the tests showed...

she's moderately anemic
platelets low (153)
WBC very slightly elev.
protein up (probably dehydration)
liver values up
kidney values up (probably dehydration)
albumen low (inflammation of liver)
globulin up (tumor or non specific inflammation)
blood glucose normal

Aspirates showed blood and lymphocytes
lymphocytes were small, med and large, the large appeared

The aspirates were ultrasound guided. One aspirate drew out
nearly 2ccs of urine-coloured liquid from a mass in her liver.

As a recap, earlier rads showed a dorsal bend in her trachea
just cranial to her heart. Thorax was fairly opaque, but later
rads showed no change after being on a diuretic & vasodilant
for 3 days. The vet who looked at her today said she did not
suspect lymphoma. As a bit of history, 6 months ago she had
the flu. She was stressed, and chewed the bars, breaking some
of her teeth. Her teeth are pretty nasty looking and I
mentioned to the people looking at her today that maybe it was
all due to an infection/abcess @ a tooth. They didn't comment
on this so maybe it's nothing but I thought I'd throw it in.

If this sounds like anything you may have seen before please
let me know. The doctor says that insulinoma isn't ruled out
and wants to put her back on pred (I have to call for a dose).
What could be wrong with my girl?