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Date: 2001-11-17 00:25:00 UTC
Subject: advice re vet exam

I need some advice on what to do with my little girl. She is about 3, a
Marhsall Farms rescue, who has been perfectly healthy, but always a
little thin (especially compared to her 'sister' who's about twice her
weight). about 3-4 weeks ago she had rather quickly lost control over
her hind legs. they weren't paralyzed, as she could feel when I
pinched, and move them both out of the way in a coordinated fashion,
but she couldn't get them under her. I took her to a vet in town, and
she had a slightly elevated temp (about 102.4). The vet gave me pred
1/2 tab a day, and 1/4 cc amoxi twice a day. she was off her feed, and
a bit dehydrated, but I could get her to take a lot of ferretvites
mixed with water into a slurry. I have been in the middle of moving
and building a house, so she hadn't gotten the attention she normally
does. She has lost weight. she was always small, but got sunken belly
skinny, and she also had a dry coat. Within 3 days she was greatly
improved and by the end of her meds in 10 days she was back to normal.
she is putting on weight now, acts normal, and getting a nice winter
coat. When she eats, though, no matter what it is, kibble, baby food,
ferret vites, or treats, she will all of a sudden have to be straight
and stretch out her neck to eat. To me it looks like the ferret
version of what I'm like when I have bad acid reflux. She is otherwise
normal for activity etc. she had diarrhea for a couple of days while
she was on meds and the ferretvites and water, but not since.
My question is, should I just watch her or get her to the vets? I am
not impressed with any of the 'farm vets' I have found here, and don't
think they would be overly attentive to a ferret, and the closest
ferret vet I can find on the lists is about 12 hours away. Should I
wait it out, and if so, for how long? should I take her locally, and
if so, can I get some advice for how to deal with the vets, things to
look for etc., or should I make the trek to the coast and get her a
good full check up with someone who knows ferrets?

sorry this is so long, and thanks for helping