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Date: 2001-02-21 21:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [kunks and ferrets

Wow EZ, I loved hearing about how many critters you have coinhabitating
in your home with little to now health problems. My aunt had a large
array...but that was when I was a very tiny girl, and I never asked her as
things are so changed now a days with health.
The continual round worm in skunk muuuust have been what I was thinking
of. :) So if you worm them regularly there is no known threat to other
animals huh? Cool! My aunt's fav critter was her skunk! And I mean she had
kinkajous, and monkeys, and birds, and racoons, and EVERYTHING. I was always
fascinated...... that her fav was her skunk whom had total free raom and
slept with her. lol.
She only had one cat, and one dog, oddly she NEVER had a ferret. Very
strange! I wish she had so I could know more about how to have various
animal companions, and what is possible.
I know from living on a farm as a kid nothing is impossible. I remember two
chickens being inseperable from my donkey and practically lived on his back.
I remember a german sheppard loving one of my chickens and being in love with
a cat. I remember my ferret leaving my fish tanks alone (I can hardly
imagine that with my guys now), teasing the parrot playfully, and gently
(though the bird was not allowed out with the ferret), playing with dogs,
cats, leaving my hamster cage alone, and my parakeet cage alone.
*Are there any animals that might have some sort of health concern (such
as making sure you worm your skunks regularly, and dogs and cats having
distemper shots), we should be aware of with ferrets?

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