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Date: 2001-11-19 10:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] More on Mishka: adrenal +

Keep up the good work mom.. When Mishka seems to have an episode keep in mind
that it may take a few days to actually get over it. It would usually take
three days or more for my Kodo to get back to his old self after a low blood
sugar moment. Since Mishka is only at .8 ml he/she still has a long way to
go on pred. My Kodo was up to 2.O twice a day. Keep in mind also that with
pred comes ulcers some times so best to have him on carafat or some other
stomach medicine to prevent this. Keep up the frequent meals, it may take a
day or so before hes interested in kibble.
Sounds like you're doing a great job just be patient.