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From: Kim Stephens
Date: 2001-03-07 20:14:00 UTC
Subject: Tigger Crossed Rainbow Bridge This Morning.

My baby Tiggy is Bouncing His way over Rainbow Bridge now...

We went back to Doctor Danner.. Cause Tigger wasn't going to the
bathroom...On his own.. So off to the Vet we went...Doctor Daner made
Tigger go and the urine was sooooo yellow (Almost Neon Yellow with a
touch of Green) that it stained the vets table and everything else it
touched.... Doctor Danner said that no matter how much we did no matter
what the price it was wouldn't save my Tigger.....So we decided to let
my baby go... and put him to rest.... so at 10:00am Tigger with help
from his MOM crossed over Rainbow Bridge....

I will miss that little sweet face too.... Thank you Susan for all you
tried to do..
And I am sorry I had to tell you this way...

My baby Tiggy is Bouncing His way over Rainbow Bridge now...I will miss
the times that I caught you in my trash can... I will miss the pouncing
and bouncing of a Tigger. But I know you are at rest... and I will Miss
you sooooo........

I will miss you soo.... I hope you will be there to great us someday!!!

Love MOM & Dad & Johnathan & Kaity & Kyle & Ms. Katy Ferret & your
Brother Snow....

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