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From: Flemming Farms
Date: 2001-03-07 22:11:00 UTC
Subject: EIA

There was a post recently on the FML that really upsets me. I want to post
back, but I would like to have some SOLID proof (calling all vets, all vets
please report to ER).

A person in the UK has bred ferrets and worked with ferrets for "15 years".
This person has given advice to a "newbie breeder" about a jill that will
not out of estrus after being bred. The person states that a jill "will not
bleed to death" if not taken out of estrus for a YEAR! This person says she
will be fine, but will need to be taken out of estrus the following year,
however. This person also states that it is not penetration that causes
ovulation in the ferret, but the aggressive mating behaviours.

From everything that I have read and know, this person is incorrect in a
very dangerous way. Can anybody back me up here? And can I cross post your
response to the FML?

Amy Flemming

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