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Date: 2001-11-23 13:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Accupuncture

Finally, something I know a little about! I recently moved to Corpus
Christi, TX and have been desparately seeking/interviewing vets.
While on hold at one place, I heard their recording mention

As it turns out, this vet is who I ended up seeing. Admittedly not a
*ferret vet*, he has weasel (wildlife) experience and works well with
us *extreme* ferret people! ANYWAY, a rescue I took in just before
moving here has adrenal disease and took a turn for the worse before
we could schedule surgery. He also was losing weight (currently I can
see almost every bone in his little body) and had projectile diarrhea
(x 6+ weeks). My last visit there, we decided to try the Lupron. He
explained a little to me about accupuncture.

Here's the part you have been waiting for! ;-)
In ferrets, the long needles are not tolerated and it is difficult to
get them to stay in for any amount of time. They use the syringe
hypodermic to inject the sites. In our case, he also used the B12
because of Buddy's condition being so debilitated. This is often done
simultaneously. The sites are selected for the specific need and can
be used for lethargy, anorexia, weakness, dizziness (wobbling, too!).
He informed me that the worst that can happen is that the procedure
will not work. There are no nasty side effects.

Did it work? I don't know *what* worked, but something did. Buddy
began eating again and when I took him for the Lupron injection on
Wed., I was asking for it again. The cost? I paid $35-40, with the
B12. I don't know *why* this critter is still alive. He has literally
failed rapidly right before my eyes since Sept. 24. But, yesterday he
was at the food bowl eating kibble every time I went to give him his
gravy (every 3 hours). Poop now is not liquid and invisible, although
it is still nasty and very soft. BTW, this vet also prescribed
Chinese herbs for the diarrhea. It helped, but nothing has stopped it

This vet was out 3 days last week teaching an accupuncture coarse. If
you are interested in contacting him, email me privately and I will
give you the contact info. And, if the FHL moderators are interested
in posting more about accupuncture, I would be willing to ask him to
write an article about accupuncture in the ferret to post at the
website of the ferret club I frequent.

Sorry so long. Hope this is helpful.
renee :)

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> Does anyone have any knowledge of ferrets receiving acupuncture, or
it's use to control symptoms of cancer in ferrets, like wobbleyness,
weakness and discomfort?
> Jen