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From: RRC
Date: 2001-03-08 01:23:00 UTC
Subject: Bob C: Offline For A While (More Or Less)

I will be on the road, visiting a certain wildly dressing vet in
Massachusetts, then off to New York and Washington DC to collect a bit
more data from museums. I will be running my fingers through boxes of
black-footed ferret bones that were on loan the last time I was on the
east coast, but are now returned to the museum. I will be gone until
approximately March 18 (I have to be back that week because I have an
oral defense I cannot ignore. All I can think of is "its almost over,
its almost over!").

I will be checking my emails at irregular intervals. If anyone wants to
get together for a beer and wants to hear my unique thoughts on the
decline of the black-footed ferret, drop an email with a phone number
and *IF* I can, I'll stop. My route is basically I-70 to and from I-95,
but I will go north to Mass (with a day on the frigid Maine coastline
with my 4x5 camera. Hey! Its a living...), and south to mid North
Carolina before returning home.

I will teach all I visit how to age male ferrets by the base of their
baculum. Its almost as accurate as guessing, but it is a lot more fun to
watch the ferret's eyes bug out.

Bob C