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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-03-08 05:13:00 UTC
Subject: STAT

not too seem stupid here...and it may have been said...but i missed it...

what is STAT?

is it something i should be giving my kids?
i give them a few drops of a ferretone/olive oil/flax seed oil [equal
parts] every day as a treat...and Nutri-cal as a treat once in a while...

their food is The Ferret Store Brand/Iams Kitten [cause that is what the
ones i am fostering were eating] /and TF...with sometimes some 8-in-1
ultimate...they also eat the cats' food which is Iams Hairball and Maximum
Nutrition mixed together...

thanks for your help...:)


KITY=^..^=KAT and her KREW
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Sandi, Hope-HollyHeart, Noodles, Lucky & Princess Cissy...!!

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