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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-02-18 06:59:00 UTC
Subject: Hi! I'm happy to be here!

Hello, and Thank You for setting this up...I'm Rosalie Yudelson, the proud
ferret mom of 4. Jack(10mos.)-a very mellow guy, Carlo(9mos.)-my "evil"
biter, and abused as a kit-he is my favorite. Angie (2yrs)- a biter,although
less severe...never let out of her cage before she came here, and my 14 week
old Neera-who seems to be sweet as pie, although, she's only been here for a
few days yet...I've lived with my ferrets only since last July, I've done my
homework, but, I'm sure that there is so MUCH I'd learn here with you all.
There are a few groups I've subscribed to in order to learn, however, I've
found that
the environment and element in many of them is not conducive to
sharing, but, to "flex their muscles" and argue relentlessly w/other members
regarding how much they know...
(I won't mention any names here, but, I'm sure some of you can relate...)
Bottom line is, I'm here to learn from you all, and I'm happy to be a part
of this "ferret family". Thank You for inviting me in:)!

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