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Date: 2001-02-22 14:13:00 UTC
Subject: Wiley Update

First of all !!!! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!! for all the wonderful responses
- there's nothing like ferret-people !!!! (well maybe NASCAR folks)

Well - like what usually seems to happen to me and my animals - i did
not get a definite dx. Although I don't think I got any bad news .
Here's the info - as best I can remember it all - I tried to write it
down. Gosh - if I knew Dr. Williams was gonna respond, I would have
gotten the actual figures on the tests.

Physical exam:
heart & lung sounds are good
ears & eys clear
mouth free from sores
nothing noted during palpitation
1.7 lbs (was 1.9 lbs last Sat. when I had him in)
skinny, but not dehydrated
102ยบ temp
teeth appear to be OK

Tests done:
Blood chemistry profile
U/A in house
barium xray
stool sample test

I wish I could do better on this part - but this is the best I can do.

the tests seemed to show no sign of adrenal problems or kidney failure
no symptoms of insulinoma

the barium xray showed no blockage and she said he was tiny enough that
she could see his chest, heart and lungs and they all looked OK

the one test showed an increase in liver function , but decrease in
other functions

lower white blood count, but not anemic

the urinary sample didn't show anything wrong

stool sample was negative for parasites and something else (sorry)

he got a cortisone shot and I brought home amoxycillin and carafate to
give him

I brought him home and opened up his carrier and he's still sleeping in
it !! I think he's exhausted. Then I got a scare - he came out to pee
& poop and his urine was bright red !!! I thought it might be
something from the test, but I called the Vet to be safe and she said
that was normal-it should get less & less. I guess they can knick a
capillary when they get the urine sample.

So I really don't know anything. I'm gonna give him the medicine for a
few days and see if he improves. As long as he doesn't seem to get any
worse, I'm gonna try to get thru the weekend - then, if he's the same -
I have to decide what to do. They
mentioned a referral, since they don't consider themselves to be ferret
but don't know who it would be. I'm hoping the medicine will help.
But at least he doesn't seem to be in a life-threatening positon ( I

I am open to any and all feedback and I'm sure I can get test results
and more accurate info if necessary.

my main concern is a possible liver problem - I think if it's an ulcer -
the medicne will clear that up - we'll see.

Well - I watched The Rock on WWF for comic relief, but now I must watch
the Dale Earnhardt memorial I taped earlier today. I have my box of
tissues ready, this is gonna be SO HARD !!!!

AGAIN - I can't thank you all enough for your caring. I will keep you