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Date: 2001-03-08 01:29:00 UTC
Subject: odd ferrety behavior

[this is also posted in the fml]
Rocky is a shelter baby.. we got him at 10-12 weeks of age from a
shelter. He has a tiny bit of hard to detect neuro damage. He is huge...a
huge MF boy weighing in at about almost four pounds in the summer and close
to five in the winter. Despite that size,,,he was at the bottom wrung of the
social ladder in our house since we've had him. He's very emotional compared
to any other ferret I"ve had.... very. And he's a little ... well
ummmmmmmmmm slow. Ok.
We've noticed over the past five months he has really learned lots more
ferret social skills rather than being so human oriented. We've noticed him
catching up on some physical abilities as well. Now all the sudden this new
confidence has gone awry. For the past couple weeks he picks on the second
in command while he sleeps horribly. He waits for this laid back sweet
ferret to sleep before he soaks him in forced baths, ear washings, and
eventually biting his face bad (no blood or anything). He likes to walk
around and pick on others as they sleep but focus's mainly on this one
ferret. He is more rambunctious and ferret like when they are all awake and
playing. But when they are awake he just acts like a rambunctious and very
innocent kit. He like driving them all nuts lol.
When they are awake...he is not acting like he is dominating anyone at
all though. I did notice that. I dont know much about multi ferret
households.... behaviors, etc. Rocky is now a year old and three months. I
was just curious... does anyone know what he is
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