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From: Erika Matulich
Date: 2001-03-08 06:48:00 UTC
Subject: Tail necrosis

I have a ~9 yo MF rescue who had his tail half-amputated 4 years ago
(his 'owner' would slam the tail in the door to "hold" the ferret in
place). Rascal's short tail has been fine for many years, until now. I
noticed the tip turned black and there was some mild swelling and
redness between the healthy tissue and the black part. The margin of
black has been progressively creeping up his tail, where the last inch
of his tail now looks like dark, mummified skin over the bones. There is
no discernible odor of infection. He is not in any discomfort, in fact
seems to have no feeling in the tail at all, and circulation is very
poor on his hind legs and tail (cool, but not cold to the touch).
Amputation is not an option, as this ancient ferret is in poor health
(insulinoma, heart problems, etc.). Any thoughts? How far do I let this
go on?

Thanks, Erika Matulich