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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-03-07 12:23:00 UTC
Subject: Rescues Food/Nueter?

Got a question on our latest rescue. He is about 7 years old
from a BYB, one owner since a kit. Always fed generic or
Purina cat chows. Never neutered but only one testicle.
I currently have him on a mix of the cat chow and my food mix
for older ferrets. Should I attempt to wean him to strictly
old folks ferret mix or just let him stay with what he is used
to and happy with?
And the neuter thing. Is the undescended testicle likely to
cause any trouble at this point?
Being 7 years old and in rough shape, would it be better to...
A. Neuter and get the testicle?
B. Go after just the undescended testicle and leave the other?
C. Leave him as is?