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Date: 2001-03-08 16:47:00 UTC

Okay all . . . making an appointment with the vet, but
wanted to post this for any thoughts, opinions, or ideas.

Sasquatch is 1yr old MF, neutered & descented. About 2
months ago he had an episode passing urine with a green
tint. The situation cleared up after a few days. We never
could determine the cause.

He is now having some difficulty urinating. He passes fine,
the color is good, quantity looks okay, but there is no
pressure. It more or less dribbles out and wets his
abdomen. His temp is appx 104.9, there does seem to be some
swelling of the abdomen. Spleen and liver also feel
enlarged to me.

He walks around fine, though not for long and does not
play. His appetite is good, but I am supplementing with
fuzzy soup to increase the fluids. There has been no change
in the foods or anything else for at least 2 months.

Thoughts and opinions welcome <as are prayers and good
thoughts !!>

Kevin B and the Way Kewl Kritter Crew
and Mist the Fer-Kat
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