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From: Betty
Date: 2001-03-08 17:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Dominant House O'19

My home is not as impressive as those that have much higher numbers than
I... those are the ones that impress me.

I should add that in terms of dominance that I believe it can be
learned, and that it can be taught from ferrets that are new to each
other. I adopted a foster named Slim, who ended up getting the
nickname, Gentleman Slim, as he was so kind and gentle around other
ferrets. When it came to meeting the more dominant ferrets of the group,
Slim just ran and hid. He's an average sized male, about 2 and a half at
the time, and suited his name perfectly. I had also recently adopted
another foster named Uh-Oh! who was the tiniest ferret I had ever
seen... so small she fits in one hand easily, and she was in the home a
good 5 months before Slim came onto the scene. This little female, who
forever is bouncy and full of joy, would never leave Slim alone,
constantly tackling him and trying to get him to play with her. She
eventually won him over...

What I recognized was that Slim did not know how to fight back. The
running was his only defense. He ran from Uh-Oh! at first too, but she
wore him down. Their play was fascinating to watch as she would behave
like the bossy males by hip checking Slim and rolling him over. Very
funny for such a tiny ferret... As time went by, I noticed a change in
Slim, who now started using his new found skills to tackle other
ferrets. Slim remains a good ferret to integrate with all others, but
he's not so much a gentleman anymore with his play. Little Uh-Oh! and he
are tight buddies with her looking for him, and him looking for her, and
the two sleep together in selected nesting boxes away from the bedroom

It is with great interest I see the various interactions with one
another, and I am glad I am home at this point and time to be able to
enjoy seeing it. Otherwise, I know I would be missing an entirely other
world... thank goodness for home businesses!

Betty and Her Blur O'Fur
For the love of ferrets...