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From: katharine
Date: 2001-02-22 21:49:00 UTC
Subject: Renal Failure

Am taking a chance that someone can offer advice. Champ (will be 4 y.o.
in May) recently had right adrenal surgery, had a UT infection within
3-4 days, and is now in renal failure. I think the surgery weakened his
system to the point that the kidney problems surfaced. I DON'T think
the surgery caused the problem. Champ spent 2 nights at the vet last
week and came home on Saturday (his mommy was quite poor, but happy
<g>). I was giving him 20ml of Lactated Ringers (sub-q) twice a day.
Took him in on Tuesday for further tests and am now giving him 30ml once
a day. He's not on any medications and is to go back in 2 months. My
vet talked to Dr. Kemmerer (Gainesville) and had already done everything
that she suggested, other than a biopsy (which she does not recommend at
this time). We have switched him to Hill's K/D feline (low protein)
food. I am currently mixing it with TF for Older Ferrets and will
eventually wean him totally to the K/D. My soup recipe has been
adjusted to lower the protein levels.

Any suggestions, assistance, clues? I really don't understand this
renal failure stuff. Apparently the type he has is not the common type
that ferrets normally have (of course). I guess I'm trying to find out
if anyone has any other suggestions for him. He does seem perkier and
stays awake longer now. And, he's getting lots of soup while he gets
his fluids.

He has been the best little boy, letting me poke that nasty needle into
him every day.

For those of you on FOBFerrets, I'm sure you've heard quite enough about
Champ <g>.