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Date: 2001-03-08 17:53:00 UTC
Subject: Stress Related Poops....

I wasn't going to post this, but the post by Mary regarding stress-
related poops changed my mind. I adopted Molly B about 5 weeks ago.
She came into a shelter, along with 4 cagemates, after living in a
basement for 9 mos. with no light and no heat and very little food.
She was extremely thin and bald from her hips to the base of her tail.

She is eating Purina Kitten Chow (her choice, not mine) and has
gained almost or all of her weight back as well as all of her fur.
She is eating and drinking very well, plays with enthusiasm with her
new brothers and sister, dooks and war dances for attention, etc.

With all this you would think that everything is perfect. Well, the
problem is her poops - yellow mush, sometimes outlined in liquid,
with frequent little drops when she is out playing with her new
brothers and sister (all of whom get along very well with her).

I did take a poop sample to the vet to be checked and he found
nothing disconcerting except perhaps high level of yeast like found
in bakery products (which I do not feed any of the ferrets). He put
her on flagyl and another med for yeast for 7 days. The poops
haven't changed much except that there are fewer small drops when she
is out playing.

Question - does this sound stress-related? Should I just be patient
and give her more time or should I be looking for a medical
condition? My vet is saying give her time and it will pass.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.