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From: tansy
Date: 2001-03-08 20:15:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] STAT

Sonya, Nutri-Stat and Stat are different products. Nutri-Cal
and Nutri-Stat (both made by Tomlyn) do have same ingredients.
Stat and Dyne are different, come in bottles, and have
different ingredients. Stat and Dyne are roughly equivalent.(I
believe it was Alicia who said the taste is different.)

I use Nuti-Stat with all my guys as a treat, for medicines,
etc. Dyne or Stat I only use (usually mixed with food) for my
sick ferrets or preganant or lactating jills.

Hope this helps some of the confusion.

Hi Kat,

I've been told that STAT is pretty-much the equivalent of
Nutri-Cal. (Just subscribed today, so hopefully I didn't
misunderstand the question). I ordered some (if it's what
you asked about) not too long ago from TFS and the
ingredients are almost identical to Nutri-Cal. (Nutri-Stat
is also made by Tomlyn). The difference is that Nutri-Stat
has Omega-6 ((LA) and Omega-3 (ALA, EPA, DHA) fatty acids.
Also, I've found that when I take the cap off my tube, the
oils ooze out all over the place while leaving the rest of
the stuff behind in the tube. It can get quite messy at