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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-09 00:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Vaccines

Ah, you think that annual ones are bad? Back when rabies vaccines
were being studied to see which might work in ferrets one turned out
to have be given multiple times a year to be effective! Obviously
that was dropped form the trials.

There are two reasons why they are annual: some provide enough
protection only if they are annual, and some which may be effective
with fewer simply haven't had the testing to see if they really would
be. It's as simple as that. Like so many other things it's one of
those testing situations which will require ferret people to put
their money where their mouths are so that research can be done,
that's all.

I doubt that vet hospitals make a lot from vaccinations. The ferrets
should have an annual exam anyway, and older ones should be seen more
than once a year and tested more often and thoroughly, so even if it
turned out that perhaps a CDV vaccination could be given only once
every two years the people who love their ferrets would have them in
for appointments, anyway.

What I would like about doing at least one shot less often would be
the possibility of decreasing the allergic reaction risk. (BTW,
having had four in all these years with such reactions we know that
while it is terrible to witness and very scary, it is not a standard
thing to encounter and prompt treatment by knowledgeable vets
virtually always prevents deaths. Meanwhile CDV is one of the true
horrors lurking out there.)

Vets aren't boogey men. They have had to put themselves through
extensive schooling and great hardship because they care -- really
care -- about animals. Unlike humans' physicians they have to provide
their own hospitals, not merely offices and examination equipment, as
well as some dentistry equipment. We spend a lot on vet care; we also
consider it one of the best bargains out there.

>I think you raise some very interesting points about the vaccinations. We
>dont immunize our children every year. Why do we immunize our pets so much?
>Vetrinary hospitals would sure lose out on a lot of money if people didnt
>bring their pets in for shots every year. Could that be the real reason
>vets push vaccinations?